About Qnity

Qnity is a family owned business education company catered to the creative professional. Based on the vision of Founder/CEO Tom Kuhn, Qnity was created in 2009 to help creative professionals achieve prosperity in all areas of life. This means earning more money, doing what they love, and having a life. We do this by providing simple & visual training, tools, and practices that engage a creative learner. We believe these three things are necessary to create lasting results and behavior changes. Our vision of future education in the beauty industry is that of Unity: A whole brained approach to business, making it less about the numbers, and more about prosperity and quality of life of each individual. This comes from communicating the numbers in a simple & visual way creative professionals will respond to, & even enjoy! Our approach and philosophy of education is based off a series of 5 success principles, these principles permeate everything we do. Keep it Simple, Make it Visual, Create Structure for Freedom, Small Wins for Big Results, and Go from Knowing to Doing.

About Qnity founder, Tom Kuhn

Tom has spent 30 years working with creative professionals within the beauty industry, in particular the Aveda network. Changing the way business and the numbers are communicated in the beauty industry is Tom’s mission. He has the heart and passion of creative, but the mind & training of a CPA. He has a keen ability for creating education and tools that speak to the right-brain learner, but generate effective left-brain results. Tom spent 6 years as President and Co/owner of JUUT SalonSpas in Minneapolis. It is during time spent at JUUT, hearing the struggles of 400+ creative professionals that Qnity was born. He was struck by the disconnect between the way numbers were being taught in salons versus how a service provider actually learners. Showing a creative, right brain learner a spreadsheet with 25 metrics is not only ineffective, it’s also a matter of disrespect for the way a creative mind learns. He has made it his mission to tap into the brilliance of each creative professional, by providing training tools, and practices to help them prosper both inside and outside of the salon.

Tom is also creator of the 2to10 Project, a conference geared towards multi-location salons with 2to10 locations. This contributes to his mission to bring a level of professionalism and financial standards to the beauty industry as a whole. Last years conference was in collaboration with UMASS Boston. For more information, on the 2 to 10 Project, please visit 2to10project.com.

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