Jessina Colon | Stylist | Scott J, NYC

Jessina Colon | Stylist | Scott J, NYC

“Prosperity means having success and happiness in my life by achieving my goals and dreams. When I have found things that make me happy and give me inner strength that has allowed me to become more successful in my life. But I think that prosperity is ever evolving and changing and you have to stay open to what more you can achieve and learn because life is forever prosperous.

Since attending Qnity the nerves I felt about upselling and prebooking have started to fade away. I have gained more courage to tell my clients “you need this” instead of feeling like a salesman.

The results I have seen in myself is increasing my business monetarily and also because of prebooking I have become much busier. I think the change I have seen in my team is that people are more active in talking about the numbers and how their weeks have been and the progress they are making. By having access to your weekly business I think it allows us as the service provider be more informed on how we can improve or on how great we are doing :).

I am very lucky that one of the Qnity Ambassadors happens to be one of my best friends and coworker. I feel like we are going to work really well as a team to bring excitement to our team on how to build their business, answer their questions, and inspire them to be better!”


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