Lindsey Schubert | Stylist | Salon Nouveau, IN

Lindsey Schubert | Stylist | Salon Nouveau, IN

“Do what you love and love what you do.” This is one of my favorite quotes from the Qnity class as I think it captures what prosperity truly means. You are not able to fully prosper in life if you do not simply love yourself and your life. However,  making money is a requirement for this world we live in. It will always be better to push yourself and work hard for something you are passionate about than to just stay in a career you do not love. It will not be easy and at times you think you just want to work somewhere else because the pay may be better at first. But that is all you would be doing. Working. To have a prosperous life we must find something we love and work hard for it every day. As Qnity taught us, along the way we must celebrate every small win.


This is why the QPlan is my favorite tool. It reminds me every day that working towards my career goals also MAKES my personal happiness a priority.


Lindsey’s QPlan, her vision of prosperity!

I have always had a passion for education and I do not think there is any better type than personal development. I think the best part of having Qnity in the salon is we are all cheerleaders for each other. Everyone wants everyone to succeed and when we can succeed as a team we can also win as individuals.

I am so excited for the road ahead with Qnity!  I am excited to learn the tools inside and out and hope to inspire my team to be their best self.  Once we FOCUS, we start MEASURING our goals to better ENGAGE in relationships, which leads to a PROSPEROUS life!

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