Niki Arsenault | Stylist | Red Bloom, CAN

Niki Arsenault | Stylist | Red Bloom, CAN

Prosperity to me means flourishing and thriving in my everyday life. Which brings me to my most favourite Qnity Tool; the QPlan.¬†For me it’s a daily reminder of my personal goals, that help me stay focused as to why I choose to wake up everyday, and make a difference in mine, and others lives. Even on the harder days, I find it extremely effective to keep me in check. It holds me accountable, and allows me to challenge myself to be a better person than I was yesterday. I also love how personal you can make your QPlan. The sky really is the limit! I make it as personal, creative and full of passion so that when I look at it, I am reminded about how lucky am to make my days as prosperous as I dream them to be.

Qnity has brought many positive aspects to our salon culture. The tools we have access to gives each and everyone of us the ability to track our progress, follow up for what we need work on, and the focus we need to succeed professionally, and personally. I am very excited to become a Qnity Ambassador. I look forward to learn and share the tools inside and out, so that I can inspire my team to utilize these tools that have inspired me to make each day as prosperous as the next.


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