Nina Fimiano| Stylist | Fusion Aveda Salon Spa, FL

Nina Fimiano| Stylist | Fusion Aveda Salon Spa, FL

My favorite part of Qnity starts with the foundation. I love the support and positivity. I love that I can be creative, passionate and myself. Some behavior changes I have noticed in myself are getting back to being happy, positive and motivational.

After a traumatic few years in dealing with the loss of my father, Qnity has helped me to learn, grow, and give myself some closure. (Thank you, it was quite the struggle.)

As far as results go, I personally have seen a small growth in my own numbers. My coworkers have been tracking and seem excited to see their own growth. With my role as Ambassador, I plan to bring back to my team unconditional support, a ton of ACCE-ing, and passion to help my team grow. I look forward to seeing how I excel as a Qnity Ambassador!


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