Sara | Master Stylist | RedBloom Salon

Sara | Master Stylist | RedBloom Salon

To me, prosperity means successfully achieving lifestyle and financial aspirations. It is a state in which we feel we have reached a goal or a level of success; we can reflect on our good fortune and be happy. By this I mean financial comfort to reach personal goals like owning a house and traveling more of the world, but also enjoying my work day as much as my personal time and finding the perfect balance between work and life.

Qnity helps me prosper by helping me focus on my goals, small steps at a time. From looking at my QPlan daily and planning my day according to potential add-ons and retail opportunities, to my Tuesday Tracker to measure my weekly successes and opportunities to my 8 Season Q Program which helps me plan for the year. By tracking our service sales weekly, our salon has grown as a team and is constantly reaching our 17% growth goals. Our salon now has 12 week celebratory dinners for all the members of the 17% club which provides validation for our successful efforts and a celebration of our hard work.

The biggest change I’ve noticed in myself is the ability to stay focused on small goals. I started by using my Tuesday Tracker to track my pre-booking efforts which were consistently behind our salon benchmarks. Within 6 months of weekly tracking and daily focus I’ve increased my pre-booking from 60% of guests to over 80%! This goal has been an on going struggle for over a year but it’s amazing how easy it becomes when focusing daily, tracking weekly and watching the numbers grow. I can now see the results reflected in my client retention as well and my schedule is booked solid 2-3 weeks in advance with colour services booked out 4-5 weeks in advance regularly. The biggest change I’ve noticed in our team is our dedication to ACCE’ing each other. Offering compliments when deserved, providing encouragement when needed and always staying positive. This has reinforced the great culture at Red Bloom, which is the most desirable quality in a salon in my opinion.

One of my coworkers and I have even created a buddy system for being accountable to each other for our small steps. We check in once a week to reflect on the goals we’ve set and help each other stay focused. My goal is to do 3 treatments per week and hers is to hand out 5 business cards per week to build her new client acquisition. We call ourselves “accountabilabuddies”! I’d love to be able to provide this kind of support to more members on the team.

Qnity is such a good fit for our salon, for my goals as a hairstylist but also a great combination of my two educational backgrounds- as a hairstylist and as a Bachelor of Business grad. I think it takes basic business principles and breaks it down to explain in a super engaging way, along with some essential tools to help plan for success. I’m very interested in learning more about the program, diving deeper in to the tools and one day possibly becoming a Qnity Educator. I’ve already experienced excellent results by implementing Qnity principles into my work, and would love to share my passion for growth with others.

I will take what I learn from the Ambassador training back to the salon by encouraging our team to utilize the Qnity Tools, providing answers to problems and providing encouragement on a daily basis.

I have attached a photo of myself with my favourite Qnity tool: my 8 Season Planner which I keep posted on my fridge, look at several times per week and am continuously adding to. I like that it provides me with a bigger picture of my career goals and aspirations broken down step-by-step.


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