Wendy | Stylist | Zena Salon, TX

Wendy | Stylist | Zena Salon, TX

It’s hard to say what my biggest takeaway from this program is because I feel like I have had many big things I’ve learned. I think one of the most beneficial for me is focusing on the two number growth and not getting lost in all the numbers and other things that come along with doing hair. I have really liked all the positive quotes throughout the book/modules. I have always benefited from reading uplifting quotes and books. I also appreciated the reminder to go from knowing to doing.

There seems to be a lot I know I should be doing but it can be hard to implement those things into your daily routine. The Tuesday Tracker has really helped me go from knowing to doing as I have weekly tracked my number and now have a better idea of where I am and where I’d like to go. I also really liked the 9Grid and the QPlan. I did a 9Grid about controlling my spending (which has been a bit of a problem lately) and it has really helped my personal life.

Another benefit I’ve gotten from this program is from the measure module about Unity and Numbers. It’s really the first time I’ve realized how much Math/numbers anxiety I really have! Unity and Numbers helped me to simplify them and put them in their place. I will continue to use my Tuesday Tracker on a weekly basis and update my QPlan every few weeks. I would like to set the goal for 17% growth in 2NG by the end of the summer!


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