Katrina | Stylist | Spa Bleu, IL
Katrina | Stylist | Spa Bleu, IL

The meaning of prosperity has changed for me over the years, but after taking the qnity program it helped me get a simple view of what it means. It is all about growth. Growing as a team at the salon means I grow individually. Not only making more money but more knowledge and teamwork too. Qnity has definitely helped me to see that it is not necessarily about your individual goals but the goals of the team that we have to meet to flourish.
I can’t believe how much I have changed in my life already being so new to the ways of the program. Personally I have organized my days more efficiently by making lists and executing different projects. Also my meal planning has become more of a habit. Which helps so much with my busy family. Professionally I have taken a different approach with my guests to fulfill their needs. I try to be more of a positive influence with my other team members and ACCE everyone around me as much as I can.
I definitely can see a difference in myself and my team. For myself I am more positive and more organized.i have simplified things in all aspects of my life and it has helped in such a positive way. I can tell my team is moving forward and everyone is taking steps to prosper as a whole. I see people excited about change and more willing the help and encourage others.
Being an ambassador will give me a better understanding of the program and it’s values which I can, in turn, help my team mates execute the steps to our systems more efficiently. I will also be able to give more support to them and answer any questions they might have. I will also have access to even more support from other ambassadors if we need any extra pushes along the way.

I am so excited to start this journey and can’t wait to grow together!!

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