Julie Anderson | Customer Relations | Five Senses, IL
Julie Anderson | Customer Relations | Five Senses, IL

It’s funny how the meaning of prosperity changes as you age or move into different phases of your life. For me prosperity is now more a focus on my family and watching my sons grow into their adult roles. It’s the anticipation of sharing those “empty nest” years with my husband.
Enter Qnity — My introduction to Qnity was during our 2-day seminar with Tom in November. One of our activities was to 9Grid our successes for the year. Up until that point, I felt I had some major stumbles in my personal life. One area I was struggling with was having made the decision, along with my sisters, to move our mom into an assisted living facility. She suffers from dementia. We had to sell most of her belongings and her home.
What I hadn’t realized until that moment, was that the move was such a positive change for her! She had been living in her new place for several months at the time of our Qnity seminar, and I realized this was the happiest she had been in years (my dad passed away 10 years ago). She had settled and adjusted beautifully. She has assistance when needed and is in a positive environment. How could this possibly be a negative?
I am very thankful for having learned about Qnity and how 9Grid’s can put things into perspective — and that applies to my personal and professional life. I am new to this industry, and using the Qnity philosophy has definitely helped simplify and organize my methods of gathering information and improving my performance.
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