Christy Bruski | Master Stylist | Spa Bleu, IL
Christy Bruski | Master Stylist | Spa Bleu, IL

After having the opportunity to engage with my fellow team mates in a two day Qnity session, I have been able to better understand the true meaning of Prosperity. To me, prosperity means having a sense of balance within my daily life while seeing my goals clearly with steps to get there and achieving growth. Qnity not only opened my eyes in seeing the vision of my goals more clearly, but also gave me clarity on taking the correct steps to becoming more successful both personally and professionally. Although within my salon we all may have different goals and aspirations, I truly believe we are now all on the same page in taking the correct steps to reach them. To see purpose. To see result. Qnity not only gave me the motivation and drive to take myself to the next level but has given myself and the rest of my team the tools to do so.
Qnity not only helped me feel motivated and refreshed, but they helped me look at the bigger picture in a more simple way. Personally, I knew I had to simplify the way my family operated on a day to day basis. Having a family of five, two full time working parents and kids in competitive sports and activities. I knew it was time to focus on one day at a time. It was time to get on the same page and not feel the stress from running ourselves ragged. My husband, my oldest daughter and I downloaded a calendar app. to simplify our daily schedules. Being able to click on this calendar allows all of us to see a perfect description of what we all have going on for that specific day and for days to come. I have printed paper copies for the rest of the year for the two younger children. I gave a brief description of already planned engagements throughout the year. I put the calendars in clear sheet protectors that they can access at any point.
Currently, we are in the middle of creating our own tracker. The idea for us is to set up a simplified version of our families goals, needs and wants. We will be checking in once a week as a whole family to see what we have all been able to achieve. I also introduced the 9Grid to them. This tool is easily understood by my husband and each of my children. In their own way whether it be drawing pictures, making symbols or just plain text they are able to better plan, stay organized, create a simple step-by-step guide, and even mind map ideas.
I can’t begin to explain how this program has changed my life as a working mother and wife. I have been able to connect my personal life to my professional life with one tool Qnity has made me fall in love with and that is my QPlan. Everything in my life I am directly connected to I see visually. I was able to create my own vision board and connect photos directly to my life. I am able to wake up daily prior to a day of work, view my QPlan, feel motivated, get inspired and start my day.
My team mates and I have been seeing some great results which has been directly connected to our Tuesday Tracker. One specific system we tremendously changed is how we view our goals. Having gone from a daily check of six to seven number goals we currently check in weekly with only three. The feedback I have received from the team has been nothing but a breath of fresh air. This makes staying positive on a daily basis a lot easier knowing seeing one poor daily goal could put you in a slump for days to come. Also, it has made me view numbers in a whole new manner.
As an Ambassador for Qnity I am able to fully appreciate the tools that have been given to me. With that being said I am able to help my team in seeing the same value that I do.   I can directly connect successful behaviors from Qnity back to my team. I am most excited that I will be able to connect with other Ambassadors and the rest of the Qnity team on a daily basis when challenges arise, to seek further support and even to share success stories. As an ambassador I can be a one on one support to my team members helping assist in reaching their personal and professional goals.   I am then able to stand by their side as they see their own growth.   I will continually make sure our entire team (including myself) will always be on the same page and get the fulfillment of earning more money, doing what we love and having a life.
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