At Qnity, our mission is simple, it’s to help YOU prosper in your business and life. We’re here to help
you earn more money, do what you love and have a great quality of life! Here are 8 simple tips to prosper, using our most popular visual thinking tool called a 9Grid™.

    Foundational to Qnity and to living a truly prosperous life is the concept of
    unity. Those that truly prosper take a whole brain approach and strive to live
    in a world of AND, not OR. Create unity between business AND creativity.
    Between the left brain AND the right brain. Between profit AND people. And
    between your head AND your heart.
    Life is messy. Business is messy. Relationships are messy. Establishing a
    practice of closure allows you to move forward without letting obstacles and
    the past hold you back. The quicker you can get closure to what’s weighing
    you down, the quicker you can eliminate the fog and regain clarity. Getting
    closure is equally important for big things such as the death of a loved one,
    a limiting belief about money, or getting out of debt and small things like
    paying a bill or completing a project. Identify what’s holding you back and
    move forward.
    In this time of upheaval, change and uncertainty, it is more important than
    ever to leverage your most important currencies in life; ATM. ATM stands for
    Attention, Time and Money. Money being an important currency is pretty
    straightforward. Money makes the world go round! The good news about
    money is—you can get it back, you can get more of it and you can replace
    it when it’s lost. Attention and Time are not the same, once they’re gone—
    they’re GONE. Manage your ATM by investing in activities with a high return
    on investment.


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