Last week I had the opportunity to interview several stylists from Salon Soleil in New Hampshire about their experience in our Plan to Prosper program.

Each of them spoke to having some initial resistance to try something new. Yet, they decided to embrace the program and give it a shot. The results are outstanding. Here is what they said:

“It brought a crazy, surreal jump to my paychecks. I’m no longer bringing home $500 a week, I’m bringing home $1,000 to $2,000 a week. Even with COVID, since the salon re-opened I’m working less and making the same about of money.”  – Sasha

“I used to not like numbers or pay attention to them at all. Now, I always want to know what my goals are and where my numbers are at. Qnity gave me the ability to understand the numbers and now I work much smarter.”  – Stacey

“Qnity brought a connection between the business and myself. Between my heart and my brain. It helped me get grounded and I mapped out a plan for me to get great results both at work and in my personal life. It’s like #whatcouldQntiydoforyou!”  – Michelle

Such inspiring stores of transformation!

We share these for you to see what is possible and we hope that you will join us in either or Plan to Prosper program or Plan for Profits program.

In hope,

Erin Kuhh – President