Amber Hewitt | Master Stylist | Ihloff, OK
Amber Hewitt | Master Stylist | Ihloff, OK

For me one of my definitions of prosperity is having choices and control over my time. One of the hardest things I grapple with as a salon professional is that I am always on someone else’s time frame. Weekends, evenings, special events, staying late, coming in early, etc all so that they can look and feel their best for their life. On the flip side, thats why I LOVE MY CAREER!
Haha, but I am guilty of looking up and months have passed by and I have nothing left in my tank for me. Prosperity for me is slowing down and clock and taking time for myself but having enough money in the bank to not freak out when I do so. As a salon, we are making individual Q Plan’s this month,I’m thinking of putting a vacation down for one of my stickers. Whooooaaaa, I can’t believe I wrote that out loud.
I took Qnity in September 2014 in Rogers Arkansas. I loved it. I think what connected for me is this; If you are aware and present enough to see where you are, you have the ability to grow from that point. I have always had a habit of checking my numbers and seeing where I stood with the rest of the salon. Thats why I adore the Tuesday Tracker. I am somewhat competitive and it’s fun to watch the numbers grow and change and stuff like that. But its not just about numbers totally any more, it’s about quality of life those numbers can bring. I am the number 2 producer at my salon. I still look at numbers all of the time but since Qnity, I really look at the big picture. For example, I now make enough money to have my home cleaned every other week. Cleaning my home was a huge burden to me. Now I can volunteer, be more creative, or just rest.
Qnity is a lovely thing in my work place for 2 reasons. The first is that it has brought our salon together in a weird and unexplainable way. My salon is huge and yes we get on each other’s nerves, have miscommunications, and whatever else could go wrong is large working environment BUT we treat one another better than we ever have before. I approach people and situations knowing that we are on the same team, that we have families and lives and goals that we all want to reach and support one another in. It’s like a filter of grace. Knowing what Qnity has done in my and for me gives me a soft spot for others. We all want to have great lives, we all want to give back, and we all want to have some adventure coupled with a bit of rest. I love my team more. Secondly, it takes the cap off of us individually. I can be anything I want with intention. I just have to know where and I am starting from and know where I want to be. Its the knowing to doing that takes practice. That is my little 2016 Qnity goal, the knowing to doing part.
I think I would be a good Ambassador because I am a great cheerleader in our salon. I have been in leadership especially with our interns for sometime now and I really love helping the new ones out. I am pretty upbeat and love making personal connections with people. I want to see my team succeed!!!!
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