Hear how Marie Stiegman from New Orleans reversed her diabetes & lost 25 pounds applying the Qnity Success Principles to her health goals!
Hear how Marie Stiegman from New Orleans reversed her diabetes & lost 25 pounds applying the Qnity Success Principles to her health goals!

I have always been a strong believer in keeping things simple. I ran in the opposite direction when I would see long emails, big books and long tests. When I went through Qnity almost 2 years ago it was like someone jumped into my brain and put all my thoughts into order. The simplicity of the tools and principles of Qnity are brilliant.
Over the past 2 years I have been practicing Qnity by layering each key idea on top of each other. As I recall back to a previous ambassador call, I mentioned that I have fully embodied Qnity so much so that sometimes I don’t even realize I have! One of the key pieces that I am working on right now is health. I took the Qnity principles and applied them to changing or better yet, saving my life. I have always been doing what I love but now I FEEL that I can love what I am doing.
Qnity Foundations
Here’s how I have used the five Qnity Success Principles to improve my health:

Three years ago, my mom was diagnosed with cancer and she lost her battle a quick five months later. Prior to my mom having cancer she was battling her fight with diabetes and I was noticing that it was starting to take a toll on her. When we were told she had cancer, I knew this was not going to be an easy fight for her.
As I have gotten older and my metabolism began slowing down, I started gaining weight very quickly. In my mind I always knew what I needed to do but the mountain seemed to be too large for me to move it. My mood gradually started to change. I was so unhappy with myself that I started inviting others to my pity party.
Well, about three months ago I had my annual check up with my doctor but I was unable to get in with him, so I saw a different one. This doctor noticed that my blood work, (that 2 other doctors had looked at), was not right. He went on to inform me that I was insulin resistant and that I would have to start taking Metformin. He also mentioned that I could reverse this, but I would have to cut carbs and sugar and when I come back for my 3 month check up I needed to be 15 pounds lighter. I know that insulin resistance is common but after losing my mom at a young age this jolted me back to my mom’s struggle. I went home, cried and waited many days before calling my dad to let him know. I knew that he would be really disappointed and concerned. I spent that weekend reflecting on what the doctor told me and the only thing that I kept recalling was “you can reverse this.”
So, on Monday I started; I used the five success principles from Qnity, and applied them to my health. The result: 25 pounds lighter, I am no longer insulin resistant, I do not have to take Metformin, I am happier than ever and have more sustained energy than I have since I was a child. I always thought that following fancy diets and workouts was what I needed to do and I didn’t even know where to start but I knew I needed to start…now! I hope by sharing this with you it can be something that you can use if you always thought that choosing a healthier lifestyle would be really difficult.
Before and After(3 months)-2
keep it simple1. Simple: Start by STOPPING. I stopped smoking, eating terrible food and drinks. I am picky eater so I started with the foods I liked and when I felt brave I tried different things. I never thought I would EVER enjoy a sweet potato!! I like to make humor of anything I can so my boyfriend came up with the phrase: “If it’s white, it ain’t right!” Anything that was white (minus egg whites) I could not eat.
visual 2. Visual: Health is on my QPlan that lives next to my computer, so I look at it everyday.
marie stiegman and qplan
smallwins3. Small Steps: I started by doing only 20 minutes of cardio and then built upon that. Currently I still keep my workouts at 30 minutes except I do 15 minutes of body weight training and 15 minutes cardio.
4. Structure: I have built a routine: I pack my bag the night before and every morning I leave 2 hours before I need to be at work. I recommended podcast to listen to is “Fitness for Busy People with Ted Ryce”
knowingtodoing5. Knowing to Doing: I found a quote by Robin Sharma that I have on my phone that I am reminded of everyday: “The titan’s mindset: Do what’s hard now to enjoy what’s beautiful later.”

I had no cheat days in the beginning. I had to treat this as breaking an addiction and I was too weak to cheat. My journey is not over; I have a long way to climb but I want this to be a forever change so there is no quick process.

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