17% Challenge at Frangipani Hair Studio

image2-21-550x550   Brandon, a Qnity Ambassador was having a hard time motivating his team to track their numbers. Every Tuesday, he gave them reports and watched their eyes glaze over. Hmm. It was time to try something new! Brandon decided to start a Frangipani team 17% Challenge- thirteen weeks of hand tracking using the Qnity Tuesday Tracker! He talked to his SDP, and she gave him some great advice, “Let them choose if they want to participate.” She told him that trying to force everyone to participate will drive him insane and it will never happen! So, she coached him and introduced him to what would be his new mantra; "Some will. Some won't. So What?!?" He introduced the 17% Challenge and offered a prize at the end. The team's competitive’s spirit awoke! Out of twelve stylists who choose to participate, eight grew at least 17%! (six New Talent, one Middle tier, and one Master). The lowest growth they had was 23% and the highest was 47%! Brandon says, “I think the thing that stands out to me the most was that the people who took an active interest in Tracking Tuesday are the ones that grew the most.” This challenge was such a success, Brandon held another 17% Challenge! The seven stylists that choose to not track during the first challenge changed their minds and chose to jump in after seeing the growth that everyone else experienced. This challenge had seven more stylists grow at least 17%, with two of them being people who grew 17% the previous thirteen week challenge! “I think for us, the most inspiring part about the challenge is that people actually take an interest in their own growth. It is no longer us sitting them down twice a year to look at numbers and seeing their eyes glaze over. They are looking at their numbers weekly and really pushing themselves to grow 17% every 13 weeks!” image1-21-550x550  

Congrats to all of you in this challenge! Keep up the 17%!!!

Brandon is a Qnity Ambassador, and a stylist/mentor at Frangipani Studio in Jacksonville, FL Brandon is a Qnity Ambassador, and a stylist/mentor at Frangipani Studio in Jacksonville, FL logo-needed-280x91