17% Challenge Success Story

kaitlynnstrackerHear Kaitlynn's Qnity story!

During the 17% Pilot Challenge, my total growth was 26%.

At first, I only saw my my Average Ticket climb, but as time progressed, i saw my hard work pay off, and my Client Count increased about 8%. It was great to have the support of the Qmunity to share in both our successes, and lift each other up during tougher weeks. Tracking every week gives me Closure on the week before so I can move on to clarifying what did work and addressing any challenges that may have arisen. Then, I will have the confidence i need to make progress the next week. This is why it is extremely important to hand track, allowing you to set aside the time for reflection. I recommend that anyone who wants to see this growth create a plan using the tools provided by Qnity, most importantly filling out their Qplan completely and making an effort to review both sides daily. Remember to have fun and use it as a chance to connected with your team to get everyone focused on the same page and utilize the Qmunity as a resource for the great advice, motivation, and support that is made available to you. kaitylnn_headshot Words from Kaitlynn Holocombe, Animare Aveda, VA Earn more money. Do what you love. Have a life.