Alyese's Qnity Success!

Alyese Bradley | Stylist | Karen Allen, CA Alyese Bradley | Stylist | Karen Allen, CA In my eyes, prosperity simply means progession and embracing each step that it takes to make it to the next level. If we continue to progress, we prosper.With Qnity, there are a plethora of tools that are written, verbal, and tangible, allowing our salon to focus and track our progression. We are able to celebrate small wins and push towards our ultimate goal in simple and clear layouts. Since attending Qnity, I have not only made it a habit to focus on my progess, but I have also been more in tune with my team and their needs. Whether it's lending a helping hand in a crunch, or someone just because they deserve it, I have become selfless. I once believed that because I do not have it all together that I don't have anything to say or share with anyone. But, I am now much more confident in my abilities as a leader. As a team, I feel we have all taken a turn for the better in the way we have treated our guests. Since Qnity we have over all catered to our guests in a more calm, clear, and concise manner. It has been about creating an amazing guest experience, rather that driving up the price on their ticket. With proper consultation and confidence in our artistry, we are able to make our guests feel great about themselves all around without the total focus on their wallet! I plan on bringing consistency to my team. Five and Ten years from now, I want us to be just as driven, focused and excited as we are today. It will take time to get everyone on the same page, but I believe that this program promotes growth personally and professionally. It will just spill over into all areas of our life if we take the time to accept all Qnity has to offer, and I am grateful to be the one to help push us in the right direction! logo-needed-280x91