Alysha's Story

Alysha Offutt|Vanity Salon| Houston, TX


Hear Alysha's story!

I first attended Qnity in Colorado in 2013. I was so inspired by the program, I decided to attend again in 2015, when I moved to Houston. I truly believe in the passion behind Qnity. It provided the tools and steps to achieve any goal we set our mind to. Since dedicating to the Qnity tools, I've been able to use them everyday. Six months later, I have more than doubled my numbers . The Tuesday Tracker in one of my most vital tools. Being able to see and compare my numbers every week has been a big motivation. It allows me to see where my struggles and successes lie. Also, allowing me to celebrate my small wins, when I hit my goals for the week. The steps that Qnity has given me, helps me to take my goals that appear out of reach, seem much more attainable. Breaking down the process on a Qplan or 9Grid creates each goal to be achievable. Especially when I can physically put a checkmark next to me successes. The tools have not only helped me in my professional life, but my personal life, too. I feel that I would be a great fit as a Qnity ambassador at Vanity Salon in Houston. Because I've personally seen results, I could help motivate my co-workers to have the same passion for Qnity. I'm very passionate about helping people, and would love to celebrate with them as they achieve their goals, big or small. It will also allow us to hold each other accountable. I am so thankful that I'm given an opportunity to work with Qnity. The sky is the is the limit, and with my team at Vanity utilizing Qnity, we can truly achieve prosperity. Earn more money. Do what you love. Have a life.