Alyssa plans for motherhood with a 9Grid!

Alyssa-and-her-9Grid-406x550Meet Alyssa. Full time stylist and expectant mother. With a lot on her mind to prepare for a new baby, Alyssa was having a hard time focusing- particularly on retail and engaging her clients in conversations about maintenance and product. After three months of continuous decline in her retail sales, she knew she had to do something different and start to FOCUS. "I first found out I was pregnant at the end of September. Almost immediately, my retail numbers started tanking, and I wasn't focused at work at all! The idea of growing a tiny human drove all else from my mind. With my guests, I either didn't talk at all, or we only talked about babies, so I had stopped engaging and connecting with them about their hair, which is the whole reason they are here!"

Enter the 9Grid. Alyssa made her 9Grid focused around her upcoming newborn's arrival.

"After the new year, I decided that although it would reduce my client count, to drop my half day shift and only work 3 days. I also needed to adjust my focus, because if I was going to bring home the same amount of money and work less, I needed to put Qnity back into the forefront of my job. Since the baby was going to be on my mind anyway, I used it as motivation for my 9-Grid." Alyssa's is from New York and is expecting her first child. Check out her 9Grid plan to become a mom! Alyssa's is from New York and is expecting her first child. Check out her 9Grid plan to become a mom!   Alyssa keeps her 9Grid in her drawer and it reminds her daily what she needs to accomplish with each guest. With tracking her progress, she started to increase her pre-booking (30-40%!) and that helps to ease her mind to help her focus on retail. She says, “I have shifted my focus to pre-booking (for now), because it's essential for my health and sanity that I am not trying to squeeze guests in at the last minute before my maternity leave. I'm also thinking ahead to when I see them in April and May to have people prebook again for September when I return to work. Now that I feel like I have a solid plan that is definitely working (I have been consistently pre-booking in the 30%-40% range, which is huge growth for me), I can refocus again on retail and add ons to grow my average ticket. baby9grid-275x350 “I keep my 9 Grid in my drawer with my shears to remind me of my goals and that its not just about me anymore, it's about providing for my family.”

Using this simple, one-page tool- Alyssa was able to RE-FOCUS! Way to go Alyssa! We wish you all the best with your new baby and continuing to grow your business!

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