Amira's Purposeful Growth

Amira Prosperity to me does not just mean growth, but growth WITH peace of mind AND on purpose. I have seen and experienced growth that I call accidental...and anything accidental never brings you peace of mind. Qnity Tuesday Tracker allows for a very SIMPLE way to look at our growth or lack of and make it so that each weeks results are results that happen on purpose. Our entire team is now more aware of their potential with each guest and sees the results of their efforts instantly through their numbers. What initially attracted me to the Qnity program was the 8 Seasons Calendar. I am a post it addict and use it to remind me of things, to plan things, and it has easily gotten out of of hand. I plan to learn about all the aspects of the Qnity Program and master it so that I can become a stronger coach to my team. Ultimately, we as a team are all looking to grow in order to succeed in order to live out our own individual dreams. I want to be able to help my entire team do that, then I want to become an educator with Qnity so that I can help other salons do the same! Earn more money. Do what you love. Have a life.