Amy's Qnity Story

Amy Whaley | VEDA Salon & Spas | Colorado


Hear Amy's story!

Tell us about your experience with Qnity:

I was first introduced to Qnity over two years ago when the owner of our company went and took a class in Chicago. I remember her and our location managers returning from their trip on fire and pumped to start implementing the best practices slowly to our team. The first things that stuck with me were: “Go from knowing to doing”, “Small Steps “and the “Three C’s: Closure, Clarity and Confidence”. Their excitement about the program as well as the engaging visuals drew me in and made me excited to learn more about Qnity. We also used the 9Grid in a managers meeting shortly following their first class using old magazines to come up with ideas. My thoughts were: this is a simple, yet powerful way to get our team engaged. Qnity has changed our company and it has grown because of our teams engagement.

What changes have you seen for you or your team since attending Qnity?

I have noticed SO much! The way we speak to each other is different, the way we coach, the way we notify our team and bring things to their awareness…it’s all about “4 Times 4 Ways”. We have received a really positive outpouring from the staff and I think a lot of it is due to the way we communicate. It’s so much more positive and geared towards them really understanding and soaking in the information instead of our leadership team “talking at them”. We use visuals, make things fun and positive and in return their numbers have grown. Our company has almost 200 employees and next month our entire team will have gone through the 2 Day Qnity curriculum. The 17% challenge has also made a huge impact with our team at Veda. Our service providers that were part of the challenge, utilized social media to ACCE each other and themselves. I believe it peaked other service providers interest that aren’t usually engaged!

Tell us about your experience at the Ambassador Training and Retreat:

During the ambassador training and retreat I learned so much more about Qnity, leadership and myself. I really took the time to soak in all of the information and fully listen to others that shared their experiences. I loved so much about the retreat and felt so honored to be a part of such a dynamic group of people. One of my favorite parts of the retreat was the sense of community and shared experiences. Sometimes as leaders we feel as though we are out on an island and it is so nice to be able to connect with other salon owners and leaders. I learned how to better utilize the Qnity tools, how to be more of an effective coach and implementation. A truly great weekend that I will not forget! Earn more money. Do what you love. Have a life.