Ana's Qnity Success Story

Ana Murillo | Stylist | Rain Salon & Spa, ID Ana Murillo | Stylist | Rain Salon & Spa, ID Prosperity, to me, means to grow in myself, as a team and as a business, not just big successes but little wins too. Prosperity is being able to show pride in accomplishments, as well as to become comfortable in your day to day routine. And like any other human I believe it's to bring in some more money and stability to my home. As to how Qnity will help my team and business prosper, I feel like I work in such a close team at Rain, that this will only make us stronger! My behavior has changed as I've become more outspoken about my ideas and bringing them to the team. I have seen myself wanting to become a leader and help my team/friends grow, as I grow myself. Personally, I feel like it has shown me to do little steps instead of big huge steps that will just overwhelm me in the long run! Since attending Qnity, the results I have seen are amazing! My goals were to hand out more referral cards to my pre-existing guests, and I have had 25 new requests on my books! Also, as far as add-ons go, I have made more money just by being comfortable and just ASKING my guest. ASK-logo-for-blog-280x236 What's the worst that can happen, they will just maybe say no! I have noticed that on our team people are more focused at work and are always trying to help out a teammate, and they are holding each other accountable for our daily, weekly, and monthly goals! logo-needed-280x91