Ballet QPic Submission


Qnity is celebrating Season 5 with new tool development! In particular, we are compiling new images for our QPic series. For those who have been a participant in a Qnity Program, you will be very familiar with this popular tool.

QPics is a collection of inspiring, lifestyle themed, adhesive images. We introduce these images at the beginning of our core two day Q+A program, in conjunction with our whole brain visual thinking tool, called the QPlan. Our educators instruct participants to select images that speak to their personal vision of prosperity. Participants choose their favorite images, put them on their QPlan, and share what the images mean to them and to their dreams! Participants are then able to get visual clarity about what it is they actually want out of life. The power of a single image, and how the meaning translates differently for each individually- is truly inspiring. As the saying goes, "A picture is worth a thousand words."

We are all about community at Qnity, so when selecting new images to feature in our QPic series, we encourage members of our "QMunity" to submit their favorite quotes and images. Many words come to mind to describe this photo. Talent, grace, flow, beauty, poise, skill, movement, connection, commitment and passion. Not to mention, she is just 14 years old, pursuing her dream. How does this image evoke the idea of prosperity to you?

Thank you to Gabrielle, her family and to all of you for sharing your visions of prosperity with us. Stay tuned for more inspiring images!