Brandon's Qnity Story

Brandon Brandon is a Qnity Ambassador, and a stylist/mentor at Frangipani Studio in Jacksonville, FL When I attended Qnity last year I wasn’t sure what to expect. I had been to many business like classes over the years and while all of them gave me a new perspective none of them really stuck. I was very excited to find that I was hooked from the very first module! Recently, my role at work had begun to shift, I was venturing into being the salon mentor and cutting a few days from behind the chair to work more in that role. I was at a point where I wasn’t really sure what was coming next. For me, the Focus section immediately grabbed my attention. I have never had a problem engaging people or showing passion for what I love. Ask anyone, I have no problems letting you know when I’m excited about something, my interests are all over the place. What I have always lacked is focus. Qnity helped me not only bring focus into my professional life but my personal life as well. By using the QPlan and 9Grid to keep my focus on small steps I have been able to continue to see growth behind the chair and it has also helped me bring more confidence into my work mentoring in the salon. One of the biggest results I’ve seen has been in keeping my Service and Average Ticket where it was when I was at five days behind the chair instead of three. By using the Tuesday Tracker every single week I have been able to see where I’m at every week and make a plan to do better the next. My biggest challenge in working behind the chair was in charging my new prices after getting an increase. I lacked the confidence to stop grandfathering in clients from before my increase but through Qnity and by being faced with my numbers every week I realized if I wanted to continue to grow I was going to have to find the confidence to start charging what I’m worth. I came to realize that just like with all of my varied interests, I was able to share my passion for my own growth with my guests and that they too got excited. I made it a point to tell them about classes I was taking and new techniques I had learned and that helped to show them why my increase happened and it also helped to grow my own confidence. It has been amazing to see not only my own growth but getting to coach my team through theirs as well. It is a wonderful feeling to see how excited they get each week when they see their numbers and to know what they need to do to continue to grow. Qnity was what I needed to help me find the path to reaching my goals and I’ve loved helping my team to do the same! Earn more money. Do what you love. Have a life.