Christopher's Qnity Story

Christopher is a stylist at Maggie The Salon in FL and a Qnity Ambassador Christopher is a stylist at Maggie The Salon in FL and a Qnity Ambassador Since taking Qnity last October of 2014 I have had an immeasurable amount of success. To me prosperity means dream big, the bigger the dream the bigger the reward. After returning home to the salon to put into action the tools that I learned at Qnity i not only received a raise shortly after in the salon but I grew my numbers by 76%! All I did different was tracked and monitored my numbers hourly and daily I set realistic goals for myself and challenged myself 17% that much more each week! The one thing I can say for a fact is that since getting back behind the chair i had become more numbers conscious and it has drastically changed me. Along with my confidence and my approach. Since obtaining some awesome tools from the Qnity module, 9grid's spoke to me. In my opinion everyone should 9grid there hearts out. Whether you utilize this tool for your personal or professional life. I have created a life lived by 9 whether it's 9 short term goals 9 long term goals 9 action steps of obtaining financial success' to my goals or my personal favorite 9 selfies in social media. 9grids have become a part of me and I use them almost every day in my daily routine. In my opinion joining the Qnity team as an ambassador means helping inspire those around me who feel just as passionately towards the craft as I do. Inspiring and building a salon culture behind how we deliver greatness. And overall just being a mentor for those who love the modules and courses as much as I do is something I strive towards. I strongly believe my growth from Qnity is a story worth sharing and want to indulge in hearing the many voices of the future share theirs. My sustainability in my career after Qnity has been simply how and what I deliver. My success' are measured by my focus behind the chair, passion behind what I'm delivering, being more number conscious, keeping my eye on the target, striving to fill gaps in my day, engaging each guest in what is being delivered, while living my life to the prosperous potential it has! logo needed