David's Qnity Story

David-Santiago-landscapeMy favorite and I believe the most essential tool is the QPlan. It is the tool that helps me focus, you can see your short and long terms goals, and it's also very flexible since you can revisit and make changes.

For me prosperity is the desire to grow, to be a better person everyday. It is a state of well being. When your mental, physical, and emotional health are in balance, you can achieve prosperity. Practicing the Qnity philosophy helps me prosper in the salon and personal life. Using the 9grid and closure principles allows me to become a better stylist, friend, and co-worker. Since Qnity I see every scenario as an opportunity. An opportunity to connect, to engage, and to increase my profits. I am not scared to approach clients and offer services or products. I feel more comfortable developing a relationship with them and gain their trust and loyalty. The most noticeable result since Qnity is on my Average Ticket from up-selling services. I offer service enhancement to my clients to improve the condition or appearance of their hair and they see the difference!  In most cases, they come back asking for the extra services! Also, I see a growth in my retail sales. I educate my guests on how to use the products and the end results of using them. My product knowledge and sales are still going up! I want my coworkers to know the importance of being focused and engaged with our guests. From those two aspects you can see a difference on guests coming back, upselling, retail bonus, and finally- profits!

All of those make a prosperous career.

Earn more money. Do what you love. Have a life.