David's Qnity Story

David King | Feel Good Hair | IL David King | Feel Good Hair | IL What Qnity Practice or Tool connects with you most?: I really like the concept of Entrepreneurship, taking responsibility for building my own business inside a business is very empowering. Secondly I found a much stronger sense of happiness in what I do. What changes have you made in your professional life as a result of Qnity?: The biggest thing I think I've changed is always looking to improve something everyday, whether it's asking someone to add on a service, or making sure I drink one more glass of water. Small steps and just to keep going! smallwinsWhat changes have you seen within your team and coworkers?: The most notable thing I think I've seen is attitude, positivity is contagious and when we as a salon are positive then the clients are more likely to want more services/time with us. logo-needed-280x91