DeAnna's Qnity Story

Deanna-Jones I went to the Qnity class in Rogers, Ar. in August 2014. Since then I have taken the tools provided and ran with it. Prosperity, to me, is being able to go a salon that I love, work with people that share that love, and get to spend time with my family, whom I love. So prosperity to me is love. Loving my life, my career, and myself. Since taking the Qnity program I am more aware of my numbers, set achievable goals, celebrate my small wins, and feel confident in myself. (She even just recently was able to purchase a new car!) I believe I would be a great ambassador for my salon because I want everyone to succeed and have the best life possible. I feel like I have a motivational spirit and I try to reflect that onto my other team members.   Earn more money. Do what you love. Have a life.