Deirdre's Story

Deirdre Gallegos |Mark Pardo Salonspas | New Mexico


Hear Deidre's Qnity story!

After attending Qnity, my entire perspective on what it truly meant to be prosperous and to engage my team was completely recreated. As a company we struggled to find something to engage our team members to something they can value and that they themselves could own. In my past experience, my team always felt that their numbers were so highly focused on and their creativity was overlooked. After Qnity, our team understood that they could have prosperity in their work and personal lives and they could still honor their creativity while simplifying things for themselves and focusing on numbers that would honor their values and creativity. I truly feel that there was a paradigm shift, not only for me, but for my team as well. As their leader, it was very important for me to engage each team member. Much of my team as been with me for years and though the work of their QPlans, it allowed me to get to know my team on an entirely different level. The heart-to-heart connection I made with my staff, supported every resource given to me through Qnity. Our company's mission is to "Nurture Inner and Outer Beauty" and as a company we truly believe that the way we honor our team members will reflect how our team members honor our guests. After our Qnity training, our company hired outside consultations that have been coaching and training our staff and team members on how to be leaders in our work environment and in our personal lives. Along with Qnity, we began using tools from our consultant's company, Cultural Architecture, that helped support the idea of 2 Number Growth. With the support of numerous resources, we have had a huge change in our culture. We use the Tuesday Tracker so that our team members know exactly where they are. As I look at their Tuesday Trackers, I plan 15-minute meeting with my team members so that we can look at areas where we see opportunity and then we create what we call a "Y Strategy" with them. When we sit down and look at their Tuesday Trackers, my staff chooses one key driver that they want to focus on for the next 30 days. From that point, we sit and create a Y Strategy and write down resources and identify behaviors that will support their outcome. Through the help of Qnity, our company has seen a significant increase in growth and team moral. My team has had epic wins in terms of their own personal performance. As a company, our profit has grown and continues to increase each month. We are creating consistency in our company's overall expectation in culture and profit. I would be a great representative for the Qnity program because I'm passionate about leadership and I want to create leaders, not just in our industry, but in our world. I want to empower our team members to understand their own business as it relates to our company's mission and profit. I know that I can use the education learned through Qnity to take our team member's to the next level in their careers and home life. Qnity allows our team members the freedom of creativity and I know that with a great partnership with the Ambassador program, I can bring another level of success to Mark Pardo Salon and Spa. Earn more money. Do what you love. Have a life.