Demi's Success Story


Qnity Graduate, Demi from Asha Salonspa in Chicago shares her Qnity success!

Attending the Qnity program was kind of a lucky fluke, actually. I was super intimated going in to it- the people attending were all from education, leadership, our owner, and just three technicians happened to be sprinkled in. As luck would have it, I was one of them.

Going into the program, I honestly had no idea what to expect. Being with Aveda, for all I know I could be in yoga pants on the floor doing rituals! Stepping back, I have been with Asha for six years and I am 24 years old. I absolutely love what I do. Ironically, just before the Qnity program I had a conversation with my owner, (I have an amazing owner). I told her how much I love what I do, that I love being behind the chair, but I’ve been beginning to want more. I had no idea what this "more" meant, or that Qnity would be exactly what I was looking for. I LOVE the program! It just makes what we do so much simpler! I do get into the numbers, but as stylists we already have so many other things to worry about everyday. It’s hard enough seeing 12 people on a Saturday. Then, with each of those clients remembering to focus on retention, rebooking, up-selling and so on. On top of that, remembering to take care of yourself- like remembering to eat lunch and go to the bathroom! It's a lot! One thing that I have seen a major change in for example is my weekly Client Count. Using the Tuesday Tracker shows me exactly where I am at from the past week. Comparing from the past week, I know even if I take ONE more client, I can increase that Client Count. Even if it’s just an eyebrow color! Another example, is retail. Retail has always been my weakest point. I always felt like if the guest wants it, they will just ask! Qnity changed my mindset. We are a two level salon, and the retail part is downstairs. Instead of just walking them to the front desk and saying goodbye, I am now walking them downstairs and telling them about the products. Now clients are asking ME what they should be using! I am now so much better with retail and engaging fully in my service. Before Qnity, my retail sales were regularly about $150 each month. My first month back from Qnity, I sold $1,750 in retail! Now I am maintaining on average $1,100 in retail sales! The financial impact? Well, in my history of working here I have never been able to hit $1500 on my paychecks- even during the holiday season. I have now finally hit $1500! This is because I am selling retail and being so much more conscious of my Average Ticket. My paychecks now are $150-200 higher every month.

 I was so taken by the Qnity team and the program. I am hoping to continue in growth and this relationship!

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