Erikka's Prosperity

Erikka_Wallor-video-412x550 Prosperity to me means finding something you enjoy doing and excelling in that realm. Meaning you have joy in your heart about what you are doing and from that you financially grow with ease, still making time for loved ones and self. Qnity helps stylist's visually understand their efforts put in daily. When you visually check in with your service sales, and retail using your Tuesday tracker you are put in a place of perspective and from this you gain presence. When you focus on the end result you help your company grow, Qnity represents team efforts and structure, teaching us as stylists. Since Qnity, professionally I feel the word "engage" changed my career. I was unaware of how much more I was able to give, and I was assuming the prices on our products were intimidating to my guests. Once I started practicing the knowledge of 4 times 4 ways I increased my retail more than 17%. I hold myself close to 80% booked from giving more education and tuning in to my clients needs. I am truly thankful for the knowledge and now understand how far I can go. I love my Tuesday tracker it helps me stay competitive with myself. At home in my personal life I have created four vision boards all in 9Grid format, I have created one for work, personal, money, and then overall. I find myself daily trying to do the next right thing, focusing on my goals and creating new ideas for myself. I learned to respect what I have more than ever. As for results I make $800 - $1000 dollars more biweekly than I did before taking Qnity. My clientele has increased due to referrals and guests overall experiences.I am choosing to be the Qnity Ambassador for my salon and I'm so excited to help share what I have learned. I have watched stylists around me change their communication patterns, seeing in return more clientele. Tuesday Tracker's have helped all stylist who use them gain financially and sell more retail. The proteges check their Tuesday trackers and I see excitement in their results, and setting a path for success so early creates strong roots and efficient team work. As a team being departmentalized, we now understand we can give a better service using team efforts, communicating more, and engaging in our clients needs. I feel lack of motivation can happen within the salon because of bad habits created by stylists. A decent amount of us thrive off of guidance, affirmation, and new tactics. I personally grow the best when I continuously work on myself, Qnity gives me the opportunity to help make changes needed for the better and work on myself in the salon. I believe in the motivation from Qnity, it has opened doors for me. I try to bring a newfound respect and love for the company I work for, seeing the beauty in our options. We have a choice to change for the better. Qnity gave me the confidence to vocalize salon needs and team needs. In return, I see growth in overall clientele and a higher repor among my team. I will learn new strategies and educate my team with motivation, love and empathy sharing the knowledge I was so lucky to receive. Thank you so much for all you have given us. Earn more money. Do what you love. Have a life.