Erin's Qnity Story

Erin practicing the "lost art" of writing notecards Erin practicing the "lost art" of writing notecards "Because I live a fairly simple life, prosperity to me is just being able to afford to do home repairs, take short trips or make purchases without using credit cards or taking on more debt. I believe that if people adopted a simpler lifestyle, stress would be less of a factor in their lives. Qnity has helped me realize that I need to maximize the time I am at work to potentially increase my income. I am definitely more comfortable offering products and add-ons to guests. I try to find one product that I feel would benefit my guests or steer them to the aroma line that they chose. I know that sometimes people will say no, but have noticed that more often than not they are happy to be offered something. I appreciate the simplistic approach of Qnity and that it is an easy program to introduce to people not familiar with it. This is a program that you could use for any situation or problem (professionally or personally) and gives the individual the power and tools to create change. My favorite qnity tool is the note card. I send notes to my guests just to let them know I am thinking of them. It is amazing how appreciative people are of a simple gesture and sometimes it is the one thing that will brighten their day." logo needed