Fania's Story

Fania Samora |VEDA Salon & Spas| Colorado


Hear Fania's story!

My first really big experience with Qnity was through my team and watching what Qnity has done for them. For me though, I have always tracked my numbers weekly and I set goals accordingly but Qnity has given me tools to simplify these steps. The Tuesday tracker has been my best personal tool. Being able to see my weekly services along with a client count and making note of my week has helped me see the big picture. All these numbers together on one sheet has given more clarity than I had before. So I'm taking small steps and watching these numbers grow. I also love the 9 grid! I have several of them but one in particular I wrote almost 2 years ago. My first Qnity experience I was asked to write a personal 9 grid. There was only one thing missing in my life that meant so much and that is buying a house. I am now 2 checks away from my home! I cannot believe I was able to following a simple plan, but what I have learned is the knowing to doing! Writing it down makes it more real. I have now been through the Qnity Retreat and let me tell you what an amazing experience that has been. I have a whole new perspective on what Qnity is bringing to us all. I thought Qnity was great before, but now this girl is on fire! Being part of such a prosperous group and sharing so many of the same goals has been so rich. I have been given a whole new group of people who are in the exact same place. Who knew it could be pleasurable to share best experiences and challenges. Well I didn't! I didn't grow up with the most positive people. In fact I was that girl who didn't want to take that walk in or that bang trim. I was that girl who sat in the break room not growing her business. It has taken many years and support from my managers and the wonderful, Carrie Perkins! She has been the number one mentor in my life and because of her I have grown into the woman I am today. And that woman is prosperous! So thank you Carrie for bringing Qnity to all of us at Veda Salon and spa! I can't wait to spread the fire! Now that I have a tribe (Qnity) backing me up I am one of the lucky ones who are prosperous. Qnity has changed not just the way I see numbers and how to grow in my business but knowing I have people who have the same goals in mind. I am happy and growing and giving so much back because of my experiences. And that to me is the ultimate living dream! I want to be a Qnity representative to give those around me a chance to see that there is so much more than just working behind the chair. Earn more money. Do what you love. Have a life.