Fiorella's Qnity Story

Fio-Pyure I was lucky to have Qnity Ambassador, Kaylee Diaz, in house. After seeing the results that Kaylee had, our whole company went through Qnity. I think the vital piece is understanding that we are all technically inclined on the creative piece in our industry, so Qnity teaches us to embrace the left-brainer in us all. I'm totally a visual person, so using QPlans and 9Grids are my go to. I even have a chalkboard at home that I make my own 9Grid on for personal goals. My first year in Qnity I focused on referrals. I was new on the floor and I was eager to be busy. That year and the following year I ended up having the most referrals in my company thanks to Qnity. My favorite part of the program was the ENGAGE module. I have a very strong connection with my guests that I never imagined was even possible. Right now I'm recovering from a broken wrist and my guests are contacting me through social media to make sure I'm ok and to keep in tabs with me. Inspired by the "Lost Art"notecards, I've mailed some handwritten thank you notes to my regular guests to show them my appreciation for keeping me in mind. Qnity has introduced accountability in my life. I had been someone to start something and never finish. Thanks to QNITY, I literally make a 9Grid for any goal in my life, whether personal or professional. Those 9Grids stay posted up until completed. I'm currently working on ending 2016 debt free and in two weeks I've knocked out one credit card! fio 9grid Fio's "Becoming Debt Free" 9Grid! Professionally, my broken wrist has had me take a hit in services. I've completed a QPlan to get me back on track and to also keep me focused on the bigger picture. I've realized that we are all human and we fall off of track sometimes. The tools that Qnity provides, whether it be the QMunity or your Tuesday Tracker, you're reminded that you can pick right back up where you left off. I believe in the reality of life and situations that occur. Having a huge network of people who are just like you, supporting you on your journey is a luxury not a lot of people are exposed to and I'm grateful and excited to be on this journey because of Qnity! Earn more money. Do what you love. Have a life.