Greysha's Qnity Story!

Greysha Perez | Stylist | Xenia Claudeth Salon Greysha Perez | Stylist | Xenia Claudeth Salon I had a hard time picking just one thing as my favorite part about Qnity because I've had great results with a lot of the material. I went ahead and choose the first tool that I had great success with, Tuesday Tracking. I was never big into numbers but keeping track of them has helped me keep an eye on my goal and even plan ahead to beat last weeks numbers. The layout of the Tuesday Tracker is simple and I actually understand what all the numbers mean! The Qnity Tuesday Tracker          The Qnity Tuesday Tracker Since I attended Qnity I have noticed that in my personal life I've been using 9Grid's to help when my life feels like its getting cluttered. Before Qnity, I also wasn't very active on social media about being a hairstylist. Since Qnity, I post at least on picture of cuts and colors that I've done every few weeks and have noticed a big interest from my friends a lot have come in for cuts and colors! Professionally, Qnity has changed me in a very positive way. I was never vocal about when I liked another stylist's work, but now I encourage their work and let them know when I like something they've done! Everyone in my team has been more encouraging and we all want to help each other succeed in our careers. It can be something as simple as reminding each other to prebook or helping out with a shampoo. I hope to bring back what I learn from the Ambassador Retreat by starting up our morning meeting again and getting everyone excited about using all the Tools they learned in Qnity again! I hope to lead by example and show everyone how if you put in a little bit of extra effort by keeping track of your numbers and actually use the Tools that were given to us at Qnity that it will make a difference in the money they make,pre-booking, product sales and up-selling! We all got very good at keeping up with everything but it seemed like 6 months later we lost our groove. This class will give me and my team the jump start we need to get back on track! Create something Brilliant     Create something Brilliant

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