Healthy Living in Season 4

ail_win_distr Enjoy your upcoming summer gatherings and celebrations! Above are some great snack ideas to fuel you throughout the day and to curb your appetite later (beautiful 9grid created by Christine Griffith of James Griffith Salons in Venice Beach, FL)   Last week marked the beginning of Season 4 with focus on Dads and Grads. School is winding down and summer is hopefully around the corner. Summer is filled with great events like graduation parties, wedding receptions, and other special celebrations. Food and drink typically play a big role during these festivities and are often not of the healthiest fare.  Don’t let these wonderful events sabotage your healthy eating plans! It’s always important to be “mindful” of what you put into your body but especially so when you’re not in control of what’s being served. You can also prepare yourself before a gathering by having your own little “pre-party” at home. I make it a habit to never go to a party hungry because I know the temptation will be too great to chow down on foods that I typically don’t eat but that my body is hard wired to crave! Sugar, salt, and fat. We all crave these. I especially love the combination of fat and salt…chips, french fries, cheese and crackers, etc. You get the idea. So, before I leave I’ll treat myself to a couple glasses of water (also great hydration to counter the diuretic effects of alcohol) and a small snack including some good protein and healthy fat. Then, when I get to the party I’m not immediately compelled to dive into all of the luscious spread of appetizers as they are pulled from the oven or arranged beautifully on platters. It’s not my intent to avoid eating all together but to simply curb myself from going crazy with the “less healthy” options. It’s all about moderation, right? For those of you who’ve heard me speak, I’m talking about the 90/10 rule.   Strive to eat clean and healthy 90% of the time and cheat some the remaining 10%. Reference the beautiful 9Grid pictured above for healthy snack ideas!   Mary Kuhn headshotMary Kuhn is a Certified Health Coach and Educator. She also has a MS in Human Performance (emphasis in adult fitness-cardiac rehabilitation). Drawing upon her 20+ years in corporate health/wellness and her coaching experience, she helps people to live their healthy best. Mary can be reached at or 612.202.7937.   Earn more money. Do what you love. Have a life.