Hear Dani's Story

Dani Gleason |Veda Salon & Spas | Colorado


Hear Dani's story!

“People who regularly record results are nearly 50% more likely to progress than those who don’t.” -Robert K. Cooper

Measure is what really connected for me with Qnity. I am the type of person that always has everything in her head. I am very good at memorizing and keeping my agenda and goals up there, But it really does make a difference to write it down. I started with my Qplan and writing down my goals and the specific action steps to achieve each goal.Those small steps really made a difference for me because it was very clear on how I was going to reach this goal and be successful doing so. And so far I am beating every goal further than I even anticipated and it was very clear on how to get there. Next was my tuesday tracker and recording my numbers every week. I love tracking! It is my favorite time of week. The tuesday tracker makes it exciting to see your numbers and see your growth right before your eyes. It pushes you to want to do even better because you are physically seeing what is happening. Recording your results and writing things down to see as a visual has changed me as a stylist. I now love numbers and I feel that I am constantly working my business because my goals are very clear. This has linked into so many behaviors that have changed for me! I am so motivated which in turn is motivating others in the salon. They ask how I do it so they can learn and I love sharing my knowledge with them. Also I have been engaging with my guests so much more. Since I am a newer stylist to the floor for me it’s about building my clientele and I believe that all starts with connecting and engaging with them. I really try to connect right off the bat so in turn they feel comfortable. I've learned that once you gain someones trust it is much easier to then suggest add ons, change, products and the list goes on. This has really been the key in growing my numbers consistently and my business. I feel that I am a great representative for Qnity because I believe in it fully and use its tools in my life everyday. Im truly living Qnity not just in the salon, but in my personal life as well. It works and I want everyone else to experience the success that I did after attending this program. It makes work exciting and constantly keeps you motivated and driven. Qnity has changed my life and I want to keep passing on the knowledge. Passionate is an understatement for how I feel but who doesn’t want to “Earn more money, do what you love, and have a life?” With the tools and simplicity Qnity provides you can have it all, Im living proof. Earn more money. Do what you love. Have a life.