How to Calculate % Increase on a Tracker

tracker_howtocalculate We will calculate the percent increase Julie had from her BASELINE TOTAL SALES, to what she did week 5 in TOTAL SALES. Where she WAS, to where she is NOW. STEP 1: Subtract the past total (baseline) from the current total (week 5)

Current total (Week 5 Total): $3832 - Past total (BASELINE): $2996

$3832- $2996 = $836

This number, $836.00 is how much more money she did in her WEEK 5 TOTAL SALES (sales including service & retail) in comparison to her BASELINE TOTAL SALES. To find what the percent increase is, complete step 2. STEP 2: Take the number from step 1 ($836) and divide it by the past total (BASELINE) which was $2996

$836 / $2996 = 0.279

STEP 3: Move the decimal point two places to the right, (round up or down) you get your % increase! Week 5 was a 28% Increase in total sales from her Baseline! Congratulations Julie! Julie_tyler_INDIRA Julie is from Indira Salon in Chicago, IL Earn more money. Do what you love. Have a life.