How to write a quality 'Thank You' Note

 Stylist Jessie writing to her client, Kay


A quality notecard to a guest who hasn't been back to the salon for a while:

Above is an image with four points to cover when writing a quality "Thank You" notecard to your client. Let's take them point by point. 1. Miss you: "I miss seeing you in the salon" -Their presence is missed                                                                                                             -Keeps it professional 2. Making Time: "Staying busy here but I can always find room for you on my books!" -Shows your not desperate for their business                                                                           -Client feels they are valued & appreciated 3. Personal touch: "I would love to hear more stories about your dog!" -This should be something particular about them that you enjoyed during their visits       -Demonstrates you CARE about them 4. Invitation: "Call us when you are ready for your next service!" -This is an invititation to come back to the salon to see you                                                 -Note: We recommend including the salon phone number here Earn more money. Do what you love. Have a life.