Jailyn's Qnity Story

Jailyn | Stylist |Five Senses, IL Jailyn | Stylist |Five Senses, IL The spa and salon I work at in Peoria, IL, had the wonderful opportunity to attend a two day Qnity course a few months ago. During the course, I had a much better understanding of what prosperity meant to me. Prosperity to me is being able to see/achieve my goals more clearly as well as striving to be more than successful in my career. Qnity definitely made this all clearer to me. I do believe it has also made a great impact on my coworkers as well. As a team, we have goal settings and have a clearer view on how to achieve those. Since attending Qnity, I have noticed a HUGE change in my numbers. The Tuesday Tracker has definitely been my best friend. In six short weeks, I have gone from an average retail of $7.36 to an average of $23.91! I have been using the 4x4 ways method when talking to my guests about products, and it truly does work and has obviously made a huge difference in my numbers. Before tracking my own numbers using the Tuesday Tracker, it was hard to stay on top of how I was doing week by week. Therefore, I never really noticed a growth/decrease in how I was doing every week. Now that I can track my own numbers, I find myself not only tracking on Tuesdays, but I track daily. At the end of the week, I am amazed at my results. I also believe that this tool has impacted my coworkers as well. I love seeing everyone on Tuesday getting excited about their growth. Just from attending the course, I have already been helping my coworkers not lose track of the Qnity aspect. I want them to be just as successful as I want myself to be. It not only makes for a great work environment, but it makes everyone feel great about themselves. I want this spa and salon to be filled with love, growth, and success. I do believe by following the Qnity guidelines and using the wonderful tools that the three ambassadors that we have, including myself, can make this happen easily. I’m looking forward to what lies ahead! logo-needed-280x91