Jame's Story

James Thomas |Tonya Jones SalonSpa| Birmingham, AL


Hear Jame's story!

Qnity really opened my eyes to what my earning potential could really become. I’ve gone through other classes and trainings on how to maximize salon numbers, but never really felt like they were realistic in everyday salon culture. I love that Qnity really zeroes in on the day-to-day workings of salon professionals and offers realistic solutions and ideas. I am 100% a numbers-minded person, so tracking them has always come easily to me. I do, however, find it extremely challenging to promote this quality in service-providers who are not as left-brained as myself. I have really enjoyed the way that Qnity streamlines this process into something that is manageable for right-brainers as well. Coming into the program already a top earner in my salon, I found myself facing what I thought was a glass ceiling when it came to earning potential. What I found was that by pushing myself through small wins, that those glass ceilings became nothing but an illusion. I have consistently driven myself to be a 17-er and have seen numbers that I thought had “maxed out” completely skyrocket! I look forward to being an ambassador for Qnity for the simple reasons that I believe in the program and I can back it up with results! Earn more money. Do what you love. Have a life.