Jessica's Qnity Story

Jessica is a Qnity Ambassador and stylist at Beehive Salon in KS Jessica is a Qnity Ambassador and stylist at Beehive Salon in KS While attending Qnity I had many moments where the light bulb finally went off for me. As a left brain dominant hairdresser I was excited to dive in and learn more about growing my business. Qnity gave me new tools and techniques that allowed me to look at my work in a whole new way. One of the main things I put into practice both in and out of the salon are the 9-grids. We have used them in salon meetings for problem solving and planning purposes and I have personally used them both inside and outside of the salon in many different ways. Shortly after I took the Qnity class my husband and I decided we wanted to buy a house. We sat down with a 9-grid and mapped out what we needed to do to make that happen. Less than 6 months later we were living in our new beautiful home! Getting my ideas out on paper and being able to take things step by step has been very beneficial for me! Since taking Qnity, I have felt less overwhelmed by goal setting and have gotten in the habit of utilizing the Tuesday Tracker. Being able to track my progress weekly let's me feel more in control of my own growth and success. Also, focusing on Two Number Growth and 17% makes implementing and understanding Qnity simple. Qnity gave me the tools I need to grow my business without feeling overwhelmed or bogged down by numbers! I am excited to encourage my co-workers and be a cheerleader for them as they utilize Qnity! This program has so much to offer and I want to be there for them every step of the way. Qnity has helped me grow and better understand my business while making sure I have a fulfilling life outside of the salon as well. Qnity was the key to re igniting my passion and love for this industry! Earn more money. Do what you love. Have a life.