Jessica's Qnity Story

Jessica Martindale is a stylist at Insignia Hair & Body in Maryland Jessica Martindale is a stylist at Insignia Hair & Body in Maryland When I think of being prosperous, I think of a balance between doing what I love and the family that I love. I think of passion, healthy communication, and happiness. Qnity has helped me prosper with in my salon, by reminding me that I have to create balance between the people I love, and the things I love to do. That way I am not putting myself in the position to feel as though I need to choose between them. The idea of keeping it simple really connected me with Qnity. I am absolutely someone who over thinks everything I do. Mostly because I care that much about everything I do. I put my heart and soul into most things. Being able to identify the essential, and eliminate the rest has take the stress out my everyday life. Especially in the salon. It it truly allows me to focus on what really matters. Which for me in salon is making beautiful hair!!! Since attending Qnity, the number one behavior that has changed for me, is tracking my numbers. Before, I never noticed just how much I was growing. I would get really frustrated with myself during slow weeks. Or weeks where it seemed like I couldn't sell a single product. Focusing on goals and seeing my numbers move positively, made me so much more confident as a technician. What makes Qnity so special, is that it is truly a community of like minded, passionate people. It offers me ongoing support when I triumph, but most importantly when I struggle. I have never been around so many individual who genuinely wanted to see me succeed. Jessica brings Qnity education to back her family, too! Click here to read the blog on her son Owyne and his 9Grid creation persuading her to get him a dog! Owyne's 9Grid mind-mapping all the reasons why Jessica & her husband need to get him a dog! Earn more money. Do what you love. Have a life.