Karen's Qnity Story

Karen Duvall | Full Circle | Indiana


Hear Karen's story!

What really stood out to me in the Qnity class was the success principles, the 3 c's , and the Tuesday tracker! It hit home when we learned to just simplify your life and it's much easier! The 9 grid is also an amazing tool to stay focused and to keep on track! Looking at it daily is such an important part to keeping on the main goal and to stay focused into getting there!

I just want to start by saying this was a life changing class for me. I realized I needed this class for my all around life. To just take small steps to get to the bigger goal is all you need. For me I would make to big of goals and so when I didn't reach them I would begin to get frustrated and discouraged. I tend to be better at helping others get to there goals and set mine on the back burner because they were too large. Now I am making 9grids and Q plans for everything! Salon goals, family goals, and gym goals! As soon as I got home I told my husband as much as I could about this class and how it changed my look on just about everything! We made a Q plan is on our bathroom mirror to remind both of our goals we choose together to become more prosperous and happy!

I have been to a few "get your life organized to succeed" type classes and by far this Qnity class is the best! Coming out of this class I feel inspired, driven and more motivated than ever to build my buisiness in the salon and to track my numbers more than ever before! This class was very visual which I absolutely loved and I didn't feel like it was too much to process. Everything was simplified to understand it very clearly! I would recommend this class to anyone (not just in the beauty industry) to attend! You can take any of this information and adapt it to all aspects of your life! WAY TO GO QNITY TEAM!! This class is like NO OTHER!!

Karen_D "I am so inspired to bring this to ALL aspects of my life and to share it with others!" -Karen Earn more money. Do what you love. Have a life.