Kelli Dantzler

Kelli Dantzler |Avalon Salon & Spa | Dallas, TX


Hear Kelli's Qnity story!

I desired to become a hairdresser pretty young. While in high school I was hired for my first salon job-and I loved every minute. I knew this was what I wanted to do with my life. I was fortunate to be able to attend the University of Georgia and earn a bachelor’s degree, yet I knew I still wanted to pursue a career in hairdressing. This is so important to me because this profession is something I chose. Not something I am doing until I finish (blank) or something I fell into because “I am bad at math” (which is false). I chose to become a hairdresser because I feel called to help others feel better about themselves and because I know the potential for this to be a successful, lucrative career. Qnity feels the same way. While going through the program, I was so encouraged by the measure and engage modules. The simplification of this education program is refreshing and the content is essential. I believe that by utilizing the Tuesday Tracker and 2 number growth system I can help support and grow other stylists at the salon, all while growing my own business too. And equally, if not more, important- I can reference the engage module to genuinely treat my guests with the care that they deserve. I am well aware of the number of salons I pass while driving to work each day and the engage module helps me remember that my guest probably passes twice as many-yet chooses to come to me. Therefore it is my hope to become more involved with Qnity to help further other stylists at the salon as well as continue to grow myself. Because I do not want to “just do hair,” I want to make a difference. Earn more money. Do what you love. Have a life.