L'Oreal's Pursuit of Prosperity

L'Oreal is on the left, helping educate with Qnity in Houston L'Oreal is on the left, helping educate with Qnity in Houston Along my journey with Qnity, I have completely shifted my perception of the word "prosperity". Upon starting the Qnity program I decided to chose one word at the beginning of every new year. With this one word I can continuously resonate with my goals and dive a little deeper to obtain a greater clarity and understanding. Ironically enough, 'prosperity' was the word I chose at the beginning of 2015. As a very young girl, I remember the first time hearing the word prosperity. After reading the definition, I had an 'ah ha' moment. Wealth and the good life is what I gained from the text, I knew I wanted prosperity and I was going to get it. Fast forward ten years, my excitement about prosperity had shifted. I had observed loved ones and mentors who I believed were living a prosperous life. They had wealth but were not completely fulfilled. Also observing individuals that did not have wealth, they were always stressed because they needed to somehow pay their bills! At the time I believed this was too overwhelming and there had to be a better way! Instead of prosperity, I chose happiness. I decided to become completely independent, I moved out while in high school and worked three jobs! I told myself no matter what I will work really hard to get where I want and that my wealth would be measured in happiness, not money or prosperity. L'Oreal (spontaneously) cutting a Shaman's hair The first time I watched to the qnity videos I remember hearing the quote; "'Money isn't the most important thing in life, but it's reasonably close to the oxygen on the gotta have it scale." -Zig Ziglar. My initial reaction was, sh*t!! I should have valued my family so much more. There is clearly value is being financially stable. At the time I was working two full time jobs to be able to do what I love. I decided I had to create major shifts financially. The focus module is one of my favorites! After using the 3C's and countless 9 Grid's everything seemed a little bit clearer. Instead of only focusing on what I needed to do I could also focus on the present moment. After implementing simple systems with every guest, doing hair became fun again! With 2 Number Growth I can focus on gaining more clients and have higher tickets by using qnity tools to stay on track. This year is my first full year without having a second source of income and this year has been the most financially prosperous year I've ever had. 20151107_121527-4 L'Oreal's brand new car purchased last month After earning more money while doing what I love, having a more abundant life flowed naturally. I have more time for myself and can actually enjoy that time. I've learned this year that prosperity is about happiness and not so much a final destination. Prosperity is available now. By continuously expressing gratitude, living in the present moment and having a bigger vision, a greater prosperity is on the horizon. By using the Prosperity Journal I will be able to merge my personal and professional life. In this coming new year I am excited to implement the qnity tools to help guide me along my path of prosperity. Qnity Prosperity Journal- a 13 week daily journal Qnity Prosperity Journal- all our favorite tools in one daily journal Now that I have completed the qnity program I feel more supported to grow. My focus this new year is to strengthen my relationships and to create a sustainable structure for my personal wellness. By staying focused I will be able to obtain greater prosperity by feeling wonderful from the inside out and being able to show up completely present and ready to make my goals reality. Thank you for investing your ATM into Qnity. I have seen so many fantastic changes not only in myself but in individuals around me. I love that the program strives to innovate and evolve. I value the Prosperity Journal and the simplicity it creates! If I did have one wish, it would be to have a yearly 8 season agenda!