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L'Oreal Stine |Beauty Indulgence | Sugar Land, TX


Hear L'Oreal's Qnity story!

My first experience with Qnity was in Feburary of 2013. I was living in Nashville, working at William Edge. Every year William brings together his teams along with many wonderful individuals to his home town, New Branfels Texas for a 2-3 day event called Tribal Forum. Over the course of a few days we gain an abundance of knowledge focusing on self growth, development and much more. On the first day of Tribal Forum, William introduced Tom Kuhn. During Mr. Kuhn's presentation, I instantly connected with the word prosperity. Before my journey with Aveda, my career path was to become an accountant. The word "prosperity" was something I reflected on quite often, which ultimately lead me to where I am today. During the focus module, Qnity aligned prosperity with: earning more money, doing what you love and having a life. I remember having an over whelming ah ha moment! After learning about the whole brain approach and the 3 C's, Tom asked us to close our eyes. We were guided to visualize a house, on each side of the house we were to visualize a bush. We were told that only one of the bushes were trimmed back. After opening our eyes, the question was: what did each bush look like over time, one being trimmed back, one not being trimmed back. I actually thought they would both be beautiful bushes! Tom explained how the bush that was cut back would be prosperous, green and thriving...while over time the other would be stagnant with no growth and the color would not appear all green. This was really powerful to me and still something I think of often. (Prune, like in nature.) "If you want to fly, you have to give up the things that weigh you down." I came back to Nashville with a new awakening and a drive for life. Watching the modules made me feel like I was not alone, that the challenges I have are not uncommon but needed to be addressed. I soon realized that the goals I set for myself where not being achieved because I never "pruned" my life. After a few attempts of a 21 day focus period, I decided I needed to make a big change in my life to see results. "We're living in the age of too." This awareness inspired me to turn my phone off for a month and a half. During this time I came up with a system using large 9 grids on my wall! Like nature, I started to prune my life. After this experience I was able to start focusing on (W.I.N) whats important now, I was able to be present behind the chair and achieve my goals. This is something I still do and will continue to do in my personal life.( pruning, not turning off my phone!) "Simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication." -Leonardo Da Vinci In September of 2014 I moved back to Houston and decided to take Qnity again with my salon team. Taking the class again was a wonderful refresher! After taking Qnity the second time I began to detach any emotions to numbers. I now feel confident for what I charge because the level of standards I set for myself aligns with my integrity behind the chair and throughout the rest of my life. Re- building my books has actually been a great experience, and I get excited to see and track my numbers. After many trial and error periods I was able to de-tach from my ego more and more, which is actually quite humbling. This has allowed me to have a clearer vision and remain more transparent in my conversations. I hope to always share the light that Qnity sparked inside of me, to meet someone where they are and to guide them to where they want to be. I am forever grateful for the knowledge and experiences I have gained from Qnity.

"The rising tide will raise all ships!"

With Gratitude,