'Light the fire' by celebrating small wins & using the QPlan!

Morgan-Image-510x550 Morgan is front line at Rain Salon & Spa in Idaho Hello! I’m Morgan, I’m 23 and currently living in Meridian, Idaho! I graduated college in May 2015 with hopes of becoming a school psychology counselor. Little did I know my deep love for Aveda would change my life for the better and put me on a path that couldn’t make me happier! I have been working for Rain Salon and Spa for 3 years as a front desk coordinator and have hopes of one day managing & owning my own little piece of Aveda heaven. Qnity is a program that not only changed my personal outlook on business and my own work ethics but also, united the salon I work for in a way that I have never seen. This is a major reason why I believe in Qnity, and hope by being an Ambassador to only spread the fire. My QPlan is my favorite reminder from Qnity, I see it daily to remind me of journey I am on and the goals I have for today and the future. Morgans-Qplan-final-247x350 Morgan's QPlan Prosperity to me means a state of peace and confidence. Qnity has assisted me to gain not only a better understanding of the role of prosperity in my own life but how to influence others to understand and engage in prosperity. Prior to Qnity, prosperity was a word that was rarely used in my vocabulary. Since, I have been able to personalize my own prosperity and spread this to not only my Aveda team but my personal relationships as well. Prosperity directly affects the salon I work in by allowing us all to be on the same page, confident and reliant on each other, and gain a sense of peace and happiness at our jobs daily. I would never say we are comfortable, but comfortable with being uncomfortable because of what prosperity and Qnity has brought into our lives. Professionally I have focused on recognizing others strengths and small wins. By doing so I have created a more positive atmosphere and lit a small fire within many people to continue the great work. I have been able to focus more on the positive aspects rather than dwelling on the negative. Personally I have become more open minded and completely ok with failure & the word ‘no’. think-small-wins-ask-text-280x225 Taking small steps to achieve big goals was the biggest lesson Qnity taught me in my personal life. I simplified my ideas making them reachable resulting in more success long term. Our team at Rain Salon and Spa has been more unified since our time at Qnity. We have taken an interest in each other and our goals leading to more encouragement and advice, which in the long run creates more success within the salon.  Our Tuesday Trackers have been utilized weekly demonstrating huge gains and positivity amongst our service providers. Showing the small wins individually has really movitvated and opened the eyes of what taking small steps can accomplish. Working at the front end of the salon I have been able to utilize Qnity tools such as goal making and 9Grid's for the whole front line. We create weekly goals in areas we are least comfortable, allowing everyone to be more educated & rounded. morgans-9Grids-for-blog-280x210 Morgan & her team's 9Grid's I am planning on demonstrating all that I learn from my role as an ambassador during our daily huddles ( on a more simple level) and more in depth during our monthly meetings as a whole salon. Being very visual will allow me to keep the attention & simplify what I want the team to take away. We have all taken the course of Qnity I just hope that being an Ambassador allows the team to continue to grow and remember how much Qnity changed their individual business. I am very passionate in continuing the ‘high’ we felt after leaving our weekend of Qnity! purchase-9grids-266x350 Create something Brilliant

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