Lisa's Qnity Story

Lisa-KeuningHaving everyone working their own goals but moving as a team toward success is everything I want in a program. Everyone wants and needs the same things: earn more money, do what we love, have a life. Participating in a program that gives us the tools to work on this every day is an honor.

Prosperity to me means a balance with my personal life and being able to take care of myself. I have a tendency to let work take over everything in my life and drown me a little bit. I love what I do, but sometimes I need to remember to have a life!

Looking at my QPlan and reminding myself what is important and how I can get there helps me prosper! Behaviors that have changed the most for me centers around my interactions with my guests. We were already tracking numbers and goals, so my focus became really engaging my clients: being prepared, encouraging change and providing memorable services, and making sure to follow up. I have asked for more referrals than I ever had before and really direct attention to homecare and bonus services. I hope my guests feel more taken care of than ever before. This in turn has provided me with some of my highest average ticket weeks in five years!

Qnity has made the most impact in our team with communication. We practice 4x4 ways, create team 9Grids, and celebrate and study our 8 Season's calendar. Trixies Salon is truly rocking the Qnity tools! This has helped keep everyone on the same page better than ever before, and as a firm left brainer, organization makes me oh so happy! (haha)