Living a Prosperous Life- Ada Polla


Ada Polla is CEO of Swiss Skincare and Beauty line, Alchimie Forever & Director of RSession & VoMor Tools at Neill. Hear from Ada below on tips to living a prosperous life and wearing your hats well!

1. Define the word “prosperity” in your own words.

Ada: Prosperity means having the freedom to do what you want to do, and a life full of love, friendship, purpose - and a few treasures.

 2. What does living a prosperous life mean to you?

Ada: Living a life that is filled with meaningful relationships, purpose and intent, happiness and kindness, and just enough to not have to worry about money.

 3. How do you manage your ATM (Attention , Time, and Money?)

Ada: I am a tracker… I actually track my time and my money. I use the Atracker Pro app to track my time, which makes me use my time more wisely. I try to work in “chunks” as much as possible, I find that this helps me focus on the right projects and minimize interruptions. I use to track my money – I have all of my accounts linked there. I get alerts if I spend too much, and an email summary (on Friday evenings, interesting timing) of where my money went during the past week. Managing my attention is never something I have thought about much – I am highly focused, I have the opposite of ADD, and so other than external interruptions (which I have limited control over), managing and focusing my attention has never been a challenge.

4.How do you ignite your passion daily?

Ada: I am lucky to wake up most mornings with my passion already ignited – this is perhaps the consequence of owning my own beauty brand and running my own business. On those rare days I need extra motivation and passion, I read customer reviews and testimonials, or go visit some of our key retail and spa partners. Nothing else ignites my passion as contact with customers! 5.Do you know someone who you believe has the “IT” factor”? Who and what about their personality makes them have “IT?” Ada: I have to admit I never quite got the idea of “IT”. “IT” is really many things… the qualities I admire most in my friends are passion, ambition and determination, kindness and loyalty. 6. What do you believe is the importance of merging business and creativity? Ada: To me, these go hand in hand. If you are in business, whether as a business owner, or part of a business, you use creativity every day. New product ideas, new hairdo ideas, new marketing ideas. Business is about ideas… 7.What is your truest passion? Ada: To help women (and men) feel beautiful and confident every day.

8. Would you describe yourself as more left or right brain dominant?

Ada: Left-brained dominant. I am first and foremost analytical, I am good at math, I am an internal processor. I actually have been trying to find my creativity… to be a bit more right-brained…

9. Out of the following five Qnity success principles, which do you think is the most important for you in living a prosperous life? (keep it simple, go visual , celebrate small wins, go from knowing to doing, create structure for freedom)

Ada: Celebrate small wins. As an entrepreneur and a very goal-oriented person, I sometimes forget to savor, celebrate, and enjoy the small wins along the way – because I am so focused on the end goal. Celebrating small wins is good for the soul, it is a reminder to be grateful more often. 10. What is your advice for people in the beauty industry wishing to earn more money, do what they love, and have a life? Ada: Follow your passion. Know your goals. Work hard. Always be kinder than you feel. Visualize your dreams and be explicit with your intentions.

11. If current Ada could share a few words of wisdom with Ada from 10 years ago, what would they be?

Ada: Be kinder to yourself, and start every day feeling grateful for at least three things. Earn more money. Do what you love. Have a life.